Botched Botox? Here's What You Should Do Next

Jan 19, 2023

Botched Botox? Here's What You Should Do Next

Botox® is one of the most reputable cosmetic treatments available. But when it’s in the wrong hands, it can be disastrous. Don’t panic — we’re here to help you deal with botched Botox and get your face back.

When sitting down for a Botox® treatment, you expect to come out of it a better, younger-looking version of yourself. But even the most routine procedures sometimes don’t go according to plan. 

If your face is asymmetrical, your eyebrows arch unnaturally, your eyelids droop, or you can’t move your forehead, you know your Botox has been botched. 

So what now? Instead of hiding your face and waiting it out, turn to the Botox experts at Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island in Roslyn Heights, New York. Here, we give you a game plan for when the worst happens. 

What causes botched Botox?

Botched Botox is almost always the result of improper technique. Proper Botox administration requires a deep understanding of facial anatomy. An unskilled injector may inject Botox too deep, not deep enough, or in the wrong place, leaving you with a “frozen” or unnatural facial expression. 

Sometimes a poor Botox treatment does more harm than just a wonky appearance. If you notice that you’re dizzy, having trouble breathing, or seeing double, seek medical help immediately. 

Can I reverse botched Botox?

Botox is like toothpaste — once it’s out of the tube there’s no going back. There’s no way to “un-inject” Botox, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Our skilled plastic surgeons can strategically add more Botox or dermal fillers to other areas of your face to even out your expression. 

Unfortunately, if your original injector administered too much Botox, the only thing to do is wait. That means you could spend anywhere from 3-6 months sidelined by botched Botox. 

Exercise, heat, and massages may help to work out bad Botox. Exercise increases blood flow and may help you flush out Botox faster. Don’t apply heat or rub your face until at least two weeks after your treatment or you risk spreading Botox to other areas of your face and causing more complications. 

How can I avoid it next time?

It’s true what they say about an ounce of prevention — it’s worth a pound of cure. It’s much easier to avoid or reduce your risk of poor results than to fix them later. So, we recommend you research who’s in charge of your treatments. 

Botox may seem like a simple, nonsurgical procedure, but that doesn’t mean anyone can do it. To make sure you get the best care possible, avoid:

  • “Botox parties” 
  • Injectors who do house calls
  • Providers that don’t specialize in Botox, such as dentists
  • Prices that seem too good to be true

Your provider should be a plastic surgeon or work directly under a plastic surgeon. They should have extensive training and lots of experience performing injections. Fortunately, you can find those providers here at Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island.

Drs. Sotirios Papafragkou and Susie Rhee are highly trained, board-certified plastic surgeons with many years of experience performing Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures.

A note on dermal fillers

If you’re new to cosmetic injectables, you may want to consider dermal fillers before Botox. We can reverse the effects of fillers by dissolving the hyaluronic acid in them before they break down on their own, so they might be a better option if you’re nervous about not loving your results. 

Are you the victim of botched Botox? Don’t wait another day. Make an appointment with us, and we can advise you of the best path forward.

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