Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction services offered in Roslyn Heights, NY

Studies show that breast reconstruction after a mastectomy dramatically improves the quality of life in most women. At Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island, in Roslyn Heights, New York, skilled plastic surgeons Sotirios Papafragkou, MD, FACS, and Susie Rhee, MD, can reconstruct breasts that are very close to your own natural breasts after your surgery. To learn more about breast reconstruction, call the office or click on the online booking link now.

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Breast Reconstruction Q&A

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure to rebuild one or both of your breasts following breast removal (mastectomy) or partial removal (lumpectomy). You can have a breast reconstruction procedure either immediately after your surgery or at a later time (delayed reconstruction). 

Breast reconstruction can be a life-changing procedure for women who have a mastectomy or lumpectomy due to cancer. The surgery can help you to look better, feel more self-confident, and even fit into your clothes just like you did before losing your breasts. 

What are the breast reconstruction options?

There are two general categories of breast reconstruction, including: 

Implant-based breast reconstruction


In an implant-based breast reconstruction, silicone gel or saline implants create a new breast mound. In some ways, this is similar to a breast augmentation because the process involves implants. But, implant-based breast reconstruction is a more complex procedure than a standard breast augmentation. 

Flap breast reconstruction


In a flap breast reconstruction, tissue from another part of your body rebuilds your breasts. To have this type of reconstruction, you need adequate tissue in a donor site, like your abdominal wall or buttocks. 


Breast reconstruction usually involves two or three surgeries spaced out over time. The Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island team customizes your breast reconstruction for your individual needs based on your body type, cancer treatments, and type of breast surgery. 

Is breast reconstruction right for me?


Breast reconstruction is a very personal decision. Breast reconstruction isn’t required for health reasons, but many women choose this surgery to boost their self-esteem, outlook, and quality of life after a mastectomy or lumpectomy. 


You could be a good candidate for this type of surgery if you don’t have any other medical conditions (aside from cancer) and if you feel optimistic about restoring your body image. 


Good candidates for breast reconstruction also have realistic expectations. Breast reconstruction surgery can give you very natural-looking breasts, but it can’t duplicate the exact feel of natural breasts. And, you should expect some scarring after the procedure. If you opt for flap reconstruction, you’ll also have a scar at the donor site. 


To learn more about breast reconstruction surgery, call Plastic Surgery Associates of Long Island or click the provided link now.