Apr 25, 2023

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SkinPen activates your body’s natural skin-healing power to increase collagen and elastin, so your skin returns to a healthier looking and youthful appearance. Maintain a healthy, young looking skin!!

SkinPen is an FDA-approved microneedling device approved for treatment of acne scars in patients 22 years and older. The SkinPen also improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck and is also intended to treat pigmentation conditions (Dyschromia) including Melasma, Vitiligo and Solar Lentigines. With the highest level of safety and medical-grade quality, SkinPen precisely delivers thousands of micro-punctures to the skin, stimulating the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers (Collagen Induction Therapy). Over time, this helps to improve the appearance of scars, fine lines, pores, uneven pigmentation, and overall skin texture. The skin may be treated with anesthetic prior to the procedure to reduce discomfort, which tends to be mild but may vary from person to person.

Redness and swelling (like a sunburn) are common for 1 to 3 days but may last longer. A series of treatments provides the best results; improvement is gradual and may continue months after treatment.




  • Schedule at least 2 weeks before or after other
  • 1 week prior to treatment: Minimize sun exposure (a tan could affect your treatment results and healing).
  • To reduce risk of bruising:
  • 1 week prior to treatment, discontinue aspirin, naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), coconut oil, omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil; ingestion of fish), ginseng, gingko, turmeric/curcumin, John's wort.
  • 3 days prior to treatment, avoid ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil). You may resume after the
  • Acetaminophen/Tylenol is fine to take before or after
    • Note: If you need to take medications for medical reasons, do not discontinue without discussing with your prescribing healthcare provider.
    • Day of treatment: if you are prone to cold sores, take your medication (e.g. acyclovir or


    • Cleanse the treatment area well prior to your appointment.


SkinPen What to Expect:


  • The treatment area will be numbed for 30 minutes prior to service with a topically compounded numbing
  • Some patient may feel a slight vibration from the device, and may experience a mild stinging sensation in some areas.
  • The treated area may be pink and mildly inflamed (similar to appearance of a mild sunburn) for 24-48 hours following your SkinPen procedure.
  • Some patients experience swelling or mild bruising following a If this occurs, you may apply an ice-pack to the area at least 24 hours after the service.


POST-TREATMENT: optimize your results & reduce the risk of infection, irritation, and allergic reactions


Day of Treatment: for 4 hours after the procedure, USE ONLY SkinFuse Lift HG ON THE TREATED AREAS unless otherwise instructed. Although this may sting for a few seconds immediately after application, it serves as a skin protectant and "sealant," optimizing the response to SkinPen treatment. Do not use water (which is not sterile) or skin care products on the treated area until 4 hours have passed.

  • If you are prone to cold sores, continue your medications for 5
  • If you have discomfort, you may take medications, e.g. acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen as directed.
  • 4 hours after the procedure: you may use your skin care products EXCEPT retinoids, scrubs and exfoliating products. Use sunscreen daily and minimize sun exposure to reduce the risk of sunburn and uneven pigmentation. It is normal for your skin to peel or flake for a few days after treatment. You can also apply the ZO Hydrating Creme to
  • reduce dryness/flaking.
  • · Do NOT resume the following until your skin is no longer sensitive or peeling (usually 3-5 days on the face & neck, may take longer on other areas): retinoids (e.g.RetinA/tretinoin, Alpharet, Retrinal, Luminate, retinol, Differin, Tazorac), alpha­ hydroxyacids (e.g. lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid), salicylic acid, physical scrubs and exfoliating products. If you tape the area at night, you may resume when the skin is no longer sensitive.


SkinPen Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions




  • For 2 weeks prior to treatment, avoid Dermal Fillers
  • For 1 week prior to treatment, avoid Botox/Jeuveau/Dysport injection
  • For 3-5 days prior to treatment, AVOID all topical medications that have prescriptive ingredients, including but not limited to, retinoids and hydroquinone
  • For 24 hours prior to treatment, AVOID sun
  • AVOID wearing makeup to your appointment, we need a clean face for your






  • After treatment, do not put anything on the treated area for the rest of the day EXCEPT for LIFT (provided).
  • Days 1-3 post-treatment
    • AVOID sweaty exercise and sun exposure
    • Use Gentle Cleanser to wash your face, nothing abrasive or exfoliating
    • Use ZO Hydrating Creme
    • Use ZO Sunscreen
    • You may apply makeup as needed
  • 4 days after treatment, you may resume your regular skin care




Possible side effects that should resolve within 3 days include:


  • Swelling & bruising
  • Skin tightness & mild hypersensitivity to touch, similar to a sunburn
  • Dry skin/mild flaking (may take longer to resolve)
  • Pinpoint bleeding/scabbing




***If you experience any type of adverse reaction, call the office at (516) 714-5430***